Sunday, 30 November 2008

Boutique Brand: Odd Molly

Alongside the likes of Noa Noa & Avoca, Odd Molly has, in just a few short years become a much sort after label, this cult swedish clothing brand has a make and mend folk art feel which has developed a huge following in the UK.

Click here to view images of Odd Molly's latest Spring/Summer 2009 collection shown at Copenhagen fashion week

Odd Molly are soon to announce the introdion of their new skincare range, The products will be a natural extension of Odd Molly’s current selection of clothing, which combines femininity and sensuality with the feeling of a “relaxing Sunday morning.”

The inspiration for the skincare line comes from Odd Molly’s clothing collections, which are based in large part on pure, natural materials. Cotton and silk that feel fantastic against the skin are important ingredients in the line. The products will be accentuated by unique ingredients from every corner of the world, such as shea butter from the savannas of Africa or cactus juice extract from Mexico. An alluring, sensual skincare line that delights the body and soul.

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