Sunday, 30 November 2008

Carrying off your party look with a little Panache

It's true that you can spend hours agonising over which outfit to wear to every soiree in your calender this month, but unless you've got the right support you could be wearing the best party dress in the place and still look a shambles. Choosing the right underwear to enhance whatever you're wearing is as much an artform as putting a shabby chic outfit together and getting the balance between shabby and chic exactly right.

This week our featured dress is cut in the tulip style. Sometimes perceived as a difficult style to pull off, the tulip cut can leave room for manoeuvre when it comes to a few extra mince pies and even for a small bump, or it can hang to emphasis the lack of tummy underneath. The unusual cut and style of this dress means that you can use your natural womanly wiles to detract attention away from your tummy. With the right underwear you can achieve this without looking like you've made any effort.

Of course to get the right emphasis in the right place, you're going to need a bit of underwire and structure. With this in mind, why not invest in a beautiful lingerie piece to underpin your classy party look with a piece like the Venus underwired thong back body? This gorgeous support also makes for an ideal gift so why not let your man know in advance of the party what could make his evening last well into the night...

If you like the delicate trims on this piece but are not sold on the shape you'll be pleased to know that Panache has also created a Venus basque in the same style. This stunning piece will give you the shape you want and allow for a more creative approach to what panties you combine with your basic structure.

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