Sunday, 23 November 2008

Missy and Lady Blaze Lingerie Boutique, Marlborough

Sitting in the quaint market town Marlborough in Wiltshire is the interestingly named lingerie boutique “Missy and Lady Blaze” inside this sumptuous den you will find the most gorgeous lingerie and fripperies from brands including: Amoralia, Chantelle, Fantasie, Freya, La Perla, Lejaby, Passionata, Penrose, Rigby and Peller, Sloggi, Spank, Spoylt, Triumph aswell as fashionable swimwear and beautiful hosiery.

Owner Angela Knight explains,
“If you feel good, you look good and I have the ability to show women they can do both. By changing our body shape with the right underwear I can bring out the beauty in everyone and can make a woman look ten years younger and half a stone lighter
simply by putting her in the right bra”

“It is not the size you are, but how you hold yourself”

Bra Fittings
Are you wearing the correct bra…

Features of the incorrect size:
• Breast being squeezed out of the cup creating a double bust effect.
• Breast not fully contained within the underwire, resulting in wires digging into the breast tissue or breast dropping out under the wire.
• Underband not sitting level at the front and back, riding up at the back.
• Underwires standing away from the from the body
• Shoulder straps digging in.
• Unsupported breast drooping forward.

Features of the correct size:
• Underband firmly anchored around the body, level at the front and back.
• Breast fully contained with the underwire.
• No puckering or overspill in the cup.
• Underwires sit flat against the chest wall.
• Breast well supported giving the best support.
• Comfortable and supportive.
• Uplifted breasts
• An improved posture
• Minimised back pain
• A waist you never knew you had

Missy and Lady Blaze
44a Kingsbury Street
Tel: 01672 511100

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