Sunday, 30 November 2008

Pump up your personal party style

Having looked at how to keep your fashion statements chic and understated this season without looking like a wallflower, we turn to the most important aspect of any outfit. The shoes. Without doubt the Kurt Gieger Aster pump is the perfect partner to either of the Boden knitted dresses featured this week, with the jewelled tulip cut just getting the edge over the classic cut due to the detailing found on both.

With button detailing and a tactile suede texture, you can be sure the mixture of rich fabrics found on the Aster and in the Boden knitted dress range were made to be worn together. In fact, in our opinion, you would have to search for a long time to find such an ideal match. If the feel of the fabrics alone are not enough to convince you, the Aster is available in both black and purple, to compliment either the tulip or the classic style.

While it's true that there's is a lot of emphasis put on shoes to dazzle at this time of year, as with dresses, but there's a lot to be said for simple and practical choices that reflect the party and your role within it. After all there's little to be gained from turning up to the office party looking like you're expecting an Oscar. Taking the time to consider a smart and chic alternative will demonstrate your professional approach to work.

Of course if the party moves on afterwards, you can always have your gladrags on hold for later. Whatever becomes of the evening, you'll be glad of these comfortable and feminine flats which will definitely get you around on a plush carpet or a polished dance floor.

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