Friday, 5 December 2008

Carrie this off right and he may carry you off... Summer Sale is now on - save up to 50%

It's fair to say that most of us do not have the figure of SJP, but if you're looking to add a touch of glamour to your festive outfit that's just for you and your Mr Big, why not try the fantastic Lake and Stars 'We're on a Break' romper as featured in the Sex and the City movie?

This piece is ideal for the sort of woman who is naturally sexy and wants to remind her man of it this Christmas without having to wear too much lace. This romper suit is sexy in its own right as the silk strips move with your body to reveal and hide all at once. The figure hugging cotton will keep you warm and comfy while out while the silk will caress you and make you smile as much as it will him! Teasing is after all a huge part of the post party fun, and with a chic outfit like these under your belt, you're bound to get a party of your own started once you arrive home. Summer Sale is now on - save up to 50%

If you love this romper, but fancy a little more colour, check out the Genius Romper from Lake and Stars, which is a similar design but features 71% silk for extra comfort and a splash of yellow into the bargain. Both of these rompers are available in UK sizes 6,8 and 10 so if you're looking to treat the lady in your life or even yourself, there's every reason to find this gorgeous lingerie in your Christmas stocking. Summer Sale is now on - save up to 50%

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