Friday, 5 December 2008

Step into Christmas with Carvela from Kurt Geiger

Having introduced muted colours as the attention grabbing tactic for this year's parties, why not go the whole hog and accessorise to the max using the gorgeous Carvela as your platform? The Andy Grey Courts Platform shoe is the ideal addition to any party outfit as it features a 110cm heel which means you can stand head and shoulders above all those little black dresses and show some personality!

The Carvela Winter range also features a luscious three quarter length boot with short heel. The Wayne* design is a handy fall back when you're looking leaning toward a smart-casual look or want to keep out the cold. Also available in Tan, this style is sophisticated without being too dressy and so will see you through the Winter months no matter what you're doing.

*I can't believe they have called a boot wayne!

Of course, some of you lovely ladies may be looking for a dressy pair of boots to work the room with and Carvela haven't let us down in this respect either. The Wanton knee high boot is one of the most appropriately named products we have come across in a long time as it is so very saucy! Perfect for wear with skirts and dresses alike, this boot has slim heels for an elegant look and will certainly leave an impression on any man (in what way you choose to take advantage of this attribute is up to you...)

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