Wednesday, 10 December 2008

What is it about Boden that we love so much?

We love the Boden brand at Beautiful Boutiques. Not only do they offer superb, comfortable designs at affordable prices, but they are also an ethical trader. We all know how good it feels good to get a beautiful piece of clothing and know that you are not the only one to benefit, and with Boden's excellent attitude toward all matters ethical and eco, that is what you get every time you buy one of their hand crafted outfits.

To quote their company ethic, Boden believe in working to satisfactory standards when it comes to 'employment rights, working conditions and wages'. With their clear investment in those that create your clothes, you can shop with a clear conscience, so everyone's happy. In fact, all of the wonderful hard work that goes on behind the scenes at Boden to help their workers means you can enjoy your purchase to the full, knowing that you have contributed to helping to promote the Ethical Trading Initiative.

If you're hot on helping those in need, watch out on the Boden site for their new range of Hot Products. Buying any of these garments contributes toward the Rainbow Trust the charity that Boden work in partnership with. Aiming to raise money to support families with children with terminal or life threatening illnesses, your money can also help to provide much needed help from Family Support workers. Not only that but you'll have a gorgeous outfit to boot; what could be better?

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