Monday, 12 January 2009

Boutique Brand: "Beaumont Organic Collection" by Hannah Beaumont

Femininity and simplistic elegance is key to the "Beaumont Organic collection". Garments are not heavily embellished and tailored, they are simply made from quality fabrics. Women who love the Beaumont clothing want to feel comfortable in their clothes, and if they are comfortable they will feel confident and look beautiful.

Traditional styling of the 1800’s is a great passion of Hannah Nicole’s the Owner/Designer of the Beaumont collection and is a strong influence to the designs in the Beaumont Organic collection. Peter pan detailed collars, empire lines and full volume dresses are always at the forefront of the Beaumont collections key looks and are interpreted in a modern way to achieve ‘The Beaumont Organic look.’

Hannah Nicole's chose to have the brand produced at a small family run establishment in the Hills of the North of Portugal: A country with strict trading standards, fair wages and the finest quality. The fabric is made in neighbouring Turkey, transported by van to Portugal for production and then transported to the UK. Portugal’s manufacturing standards are well known in the textile industry, however over recent years a lot of retail companies have moved to the Far East, leaving factories in Portugal suffering. By working with these factories, Beaumont can help re-establish one of the most thriving textile communities, whilst also being ethical, environmental and trading fairly.

‘‘Being a passionate fashionista and owning numerous cotton T’s I began to explore the niche our market has for beautiful clothes that are also environmentally friendly. Hence the launch of Beaumont Organic for Spring Summer 2008. The initial range consists of 8 beautiful pieces all made from 100% organic cotton jersey in neutral shades. Attention to detail, precision, and elegance prevail in all the styles.’’

Beaumont Organic
5 Mayfield Road
Tel: 0161 440 0060

To view the latest Spring/Summer 2009 Beaumont Organic Collection click here

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