Saturday, 16 May 2009

Boutique Brand: Evie Belle by Sairah Hicks

When Sairah Hicks, Evie Belle’s designer was a little girl she was enchanted by the House of Elliot, the setting of the 1920’s television program about a young designer named Evie. The program’s lead character implanted herself in Sairah’s imagination and created the aspiration to one day design her own fashion label.

Years later when it was time to name her brand, Sairah returned to this childhood fantasy and named the company Evie Belle partly based on the character’s name and partly on the Latin translation ‘the start of something beautiful’.

Sairah trained and worked for many years within tailoring companies for international brands, giving her the rare talent to truly understand fabrics, shape and aesthetics. This is why Evie Belle’s clothes are well made, tailored, luxurious, and most importantly beautiful.

The label maintains a corporately responsible image by manufacturing all clothes within the UK or Europe as well by only using fabrics mainly from natural fibres like cotton, silk, linen, and wool.

Evie Belle is for the woman who understands luxury and indulgence. Each piece has a ‘beautiful detail’ whether it is the buttons, fabric or the way the clothes shape the body.

The design can complement the different shapes of a woman’s body. It is possible to create sculpted pieces that will compliment and enhance any woman.

Evie Belle is proud to be an ethical and corporately kind brand.

Clothes are manufactured in the UK and Europe

Use of natuaral and sustainable fibres where possible

Sairah researches all the fabric suppliers and their manufacturing processes to ensure that they fit Evie Belle’s ethical platform

UK: +44(0)208 9868608

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