Thursday, 9 July 2009

Find the boutique Labels you love with

Do you get frustrated trying to find that little known fashion label you love, then your about to get a whole lot happier! as have got a 'shop by brand' feature. All you have to do is simply click on the fashion brand you love and will tell you all the clothes shops and boutiques around the country that sell it! from Aftershock to Zepla they have got the lot!


Amanda said...

Thanks for mentioning on your gorgeous blog! Hope all going well with you!

liz said...

Ive just discovered your blog and Id like to tell you about my mum's shop: Simply Devine, a specialist hat shop in Tadcaster .... well, its simply devine of course, as well as couture hats and fascintors the Simply Devine boutique also offers a fantastic range of pashminas and accessories.

Sugarbird said...

Not long now and my sister (Emma) and I (Lucy) will have really started living our dream. Our boutique in Beverley, East Yorkshire, will finally be opening. Having thought and spoken about this for the best part of 10 years, we have finally taken the plunge! The result a Lifestyle Boutique know as SUGARBIRD. Emma and I have 6 children between us, of still relatively young ages, but we both felt the time was right for us to do this. A lot of people thought we were completely insane to undertake this kind of challenge under the current economic climate. But our belief - from something bad something good is always just around the corner, all it takes a little bit of good old fashioned guts and determination and can make this work!! Well there's the theory anyway - now - the proof will be in the pudding, as they say!!
We are offering an escape not just for women but men as well. An escape, an haven for women to lose themselves in a feeling of luxury without necessarily having to break the bank. Clothing ranges from Rutzou, by Malene Birger to Saint Tropez and Selected Femme drop in a quirky little danish brand called Lolly's Laundry and some good basics from American Vintage; whilst looking for the perfect gift, anything from Lisbeth dahl, nine schools and Barbara Wiggins or perhaps some cute and naughty little knickers from Playful promises, ad so much more.
The website is on its way but the boutique will be open from 24th February and we look forward to hopefully seeing you there. Would love to know of your thoughts so far. Thanks for reading. Lucy