Monday, 19 October 2009

Ida wears Lellow Lucy

Lellow Lucy is inspired by the memories of her childhood and her travels. She remembers polka dots, bows, ribbons, stars, bells, leaves, beautiful laces and pearls from her early days. She loves the colours that she came across from her travel; the wild reds, the natural greens, the lovely blues, the unpredictable greys, the classy black, the calming whites and the happy pink. Lellow Lucy tries to incorporate every aspect of these and the results are beautiful, delicate knitwear that are timeless, classy and ultra-feminine.

Lellow Lucy refuses to follow trends but instead wants to provide inspiration and create something that can be worn time and time again. She prides herself on exclusivity. Nothing is worse than going to a party and wearing the same clothes as the girl next to you!

Lellow Lucy started out by selling at a small stall in Portobello Market in London. The continuous positive feedback urged her on and now her clothes can be found in boutiques around UK and Europe.

To find your local Lellow Lucy stockist or for wholesale info please call Leap Fashion on 01803 840 183

Check out the Lellow Lucy Website and Blog

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