Monday, 2 November 2009

My Sugar Land Boutique, London

Once upon a time, there was a girl who spent her days scouring the globe to put together splendid outfits for equally splendid people. People from all walks of life, including some of the world's most beautiful and famous stars, would ask the girl to choose lovely garments, shoes, bags and accessories so they could continue looking so lovely.

She liked making people look so nice but was frustrated by the limited amount she could help and wondered how she could pass her knowledge and aesthetic to many more. Years later, after travelling all over the world, she had a dream.

In the dream there was a place containing the most exquisite clothes, accessories and objects from around the globe. Some were new, some were old but all were beautiful. The windows and walls of the place were adorned with works of art from talented artisans and crafts people and the place was a joy to visit with lots of launches and events happening regularly. When she woke up, she set about bringing the dream to life...

Stylist Zoe Lem created My Sugarland as the answer to various problems raised by clients during her extensive styling experience. Just a stone's throw from Angel tube station in Islington, My Sugarland is a 2500 square foot space that fulfils numerous purposes – a unique retail experience and a gallery space or 'blank canvas' for artists and new designers.

Having worked for over ten years as a stylist, Zoe has given the store a distinct handwriting by creating a space that houses garments and accessories from a pot pourri of labels from across the globe. From established names and fledgling designers (some exclusive to the store) to vintage pieces (1920's to 1970's) scoured from across the globe (so you don't have to). Labels include Terry de Havilland, Armand Basi, PPQ, Hoss Intropia, Jenny Dyer, SteveJ and YoniP, Evie Belle, Mawi, Comfort Station, Belle Sauvage, Jacob Kimmie and many more. In addition, each piece has been sourced and arranged specifically to body type (Zoe's expertise in this area is second to none) and all My Sugarland staff are chosen for their unique ability to advise on and create entire outfits suited to different types.

My Sugarland
402 – 404 St Johns Street
London. EC1V 4NJ
Tel: 0207 8417131

My Sugarland Boutique features such brands as:
Armand Basi, Belle Sauvage, Betty Jackson, Craft, Felix Rey, House of Flora, Hoss Intropia, Jacob Kimmie, Mawi, Minimarket, Paul Smith, PPQ, Qasimi, Reem, Ruth Erotokritou, Steve J & Yoni P, SZ Series, Miss Tea, Comfort Station

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